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Hampton Inn - Chicago Downtown (N Loop / Michigan Ave)

Address: 68 E Wacker Pl, Chicago IL 60601

Pet Check-In Guide and Pet Policy Summary
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Your Pet Friendly Concierge

Hi there! It's me ... Dugger! I am delighted to introduce you to pet friendly solutions in the biggest city in my Dad's home state of Illinois. What a great location - I bet you can buy your furry friend a bunch of nice things along the Magnificent Mile!

I put together this online directory for Hampton Inn - Downtown Chicago to help ensure that you have a have a great visit within the pet friendly community of the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.  

Nearby attractions? 
  • Millennium Park - a great destination with many attractions and it's the nearest pet friendly park - it's just an 8-minute walk from the hotel (yelp) 
    Nearby pet friendly places to eat or drink? 
    • Duneyrr Fermenta Brewery at 2337 S Michigan Ave (yelp) is described as "pet friendly inside and out" 
    • Goose Island at 1800 W Fulton St (yelp) has a number of locations in Chicago - most of which are dog friendly 
    Nearby dog parks? 
    Any highly-rated pet services?
    • Petco at 440 N Orleans St (yelp) is just over a 1/2 mile from the hotel and gets great reviews for having a friendly staff
    • Tails in the City at 1 E Delaware Pl (yelp) is a luxury pet boutique store for dogs and cats - just over a mile north from the hotel
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