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Pet Friendly Solutions 

  • designed exclusively for the hospitality industry
  • specific focus on better serving the needs of dogs and their owners
  • generates additional revenue for pet friendly destinations

Now more than ever, our dogs and puppies of various sizes and ages climb into our cars, trucks, SUVs and motor homes and are now just part of the family. 

The number of pet friendly hotels, AirBNBs and campgrounds doubled almost overnight in 2021.

Outdoor patios at pet friendly breweries, restaurants, pubs and vineyards are now also hosting pet companions as part of the experience.

And campgrounds, state parks - even minor league hockey games - are having events and catering to dogs that are taking a part of the activities. 

Dugger Dinners provides solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry:

  • to make pets happier
  • to make it easier for pet friendly parents
  • to streamline pet friendly operations
  • to turn an expense into a profit

Our solutions not only drive additional revenue, but are designed to translate to more time spent at your pet friendly destination. A win-win-win for your business, your patrons and particularly for pets like Dugger!

Our Solutions

Connect with one of our pet friendly consultants to learn how you can take your pet friendly initiative to a new level. Call 844-4DUGGER or complete a Product Interest Form to get scheduled.

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