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Trip Treats and Chews

Dugger w his chips

Dugger Trip Treats

Perfect as either a dog snack or a part of Dugger's Friendly Meal Kit, Dugger Treat Treats are made from healthy ingredients and come in a convenient stand-up pouch. We have a variety of flavors - and currently feature our variety-flavored Snack Pack and our Oatmeal Soft Bites as part of our Retail Sales solutions.  

Dugger Trip Treats are made in the USA and made from the best ingredients - sourced right here in the Midwest. Our Snack Pack includes a variety of fun flavors and shapes - chicken (paws), liver (hearts) and peanut butter (bites). Our Oatmeal Soft Bites are great for smaller dogs or for those with more sensitive teeth. They are also grain-free for those dogs with dietary concerns.

All of our Trip Treats have NO processed meal ingredients, NO preservatives, NO added sugars or cereal grains, NO chemicals, glutens or dyes. 

Chew Sticks

A great alternative to rawhide chews - which are not digestible and can cause issues to a dog's stomach - Dugger Dinners' Bully Sticks and Collagen Sticks are 100% edible but are designed to keep your pet's interest. Our chew sticks are also 100% natural. 

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