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For Hotels and AirBNBs

Because more and more hotels and AirBNBs are going "pet friendly", hotel GMs and AirBNB property managers should be considering how they can provide an expanded range of pet friendly solutions to their growing pet owner population.

Generally, Dugger recommends the following:

  • Welcome Kits - we think that Welcome Kit for Dogs will become as expected as a free breakfast. Includes everything dogs need for their overnight stay - a pet bowl, poo bags, treats and a Breakfast Piggy for when they wake up!
  • Counter Treats - too often, restaurant staff are purchasing treats with their own resources to be more pet friendly. Our counter treats are healthier - and they lead into additional sales in your convenience store
  • Trip Treats - pet guests visiting your hotel or AirBNB can get something for their best furry friend - made with healthy ingredients. They come in fun, bite-size shapes.
  • Meal Kit - our premiere solution, the Dugger Dinners Meal Kit includes a 90% digestible food bar, toys, chew sticks, treats, poo bags - just about everything! Great for pet parents who want to order room service for their dog!

Connect with one of our pet friendly consultants to learn how you can take your pet friendly initiative to a new level. Call 844-4DUGGER or complete a General Interest Form to get scheduled.

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