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Pet Friendly Resources

As more and more pet parents travel with their dogs, there are increasingly more online resources that provide guidance on finding pet-friendly destinations. 

Dugger Dinners helps our clients in the hospitality sector sort through the clutter by creating Pet Friendly Concierge websites that provide pet guests "intelligent" insight into nearby dog parks, pet friendly restaurants and breweries, etc. Here are just some of the resources that we use to aggregate this information:

Yelp - Yelp has built in many options that make it a great resource for finding pet friendly restaurants, breweries and hotels. What's more - the reviews are very accurate - here's how to best take advantage of its many pet friendly features:

  • In a search result, select Features = "Dogs Allowed" 
  • Look for commonly populated quick links such as "Dog Friendly Breweries in (Your City)" that are created by Yelp when search terms include dogs  

BringFido.com - a resource that lists pet friendly hotels and restaurants by community

TripswithPets.com - a resource that lists pet friendly hotels and restaurants in the US  

Pet Friendly Hotels & AirBNBs - recent articles that discuss how premium hotels are taking the extra effort to ensure that their pet guests are also pampered

Pet Friendly Restaurants & Breweries - recent articles that discuss how restaurants are evolving to better serve the needs of our four-legged friends 

Dugger and Friends - it's Dugger's page, where you can find out how to follow Dugger on social media as he becomes a super-champion for more services at pet friendly destinations -- more services for dogs, that is!!

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