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Our Processes


The Dugger Dinners team has a diverse background that enables us to pool our experiences to create the best processes for our clients. In summary, our leadership team has:

  • implemented restaurant design concepts for hundreds of restaurants nationwide 
  • coordinated tens of thousands of successful engagements with pets
  • built online systems to transact billions of dollars of online payments

But universally, we all have a passion for working hard for America's pets, so we all feel fortunate to leverage our corporate skills to streamline delivery of pet services to businesses in the hospitality sector. 

To that purpose, we leverage the following:

  • Technology to streamline processes such as order taking and processing
  • EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) principles to streamline weekly meetings to ensure they prioritize clients and service delivery
  • Quality improvement principles to ensure quality in supplying solutions and improving delivery of services incrementally  
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