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For Other Pet Friendly Destinations

Let us help you decide whether it's a Starter Kit that you need to offer a range of solutions to your pet guests - or other solutions available from Dugger Dinners! Areas where Dugger Dinners solutions work great include:  

  • Weddings (what about a Thank You gift from your dog for guests with pets?)
  • State Parks 
  • Convenience Stores with Dog Parks
  • Minor League Hockey Stadiums (think Dog Night Out!)
  • and many, many more ...

Dugger Dinners sponsored the Indy Fuel Hockey Team's Pucks and Paws on April 8th. Here is a photo of some of the solutions provided to make this event better for the dogs:

Connect with one of our pet friendly consultants to learn how you can take your pet friendly initiative to a new level. Call 844-4DUGGER or complete a General Interest Form to get scheduled.

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