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Pet-Friendly Hotels & AirBNBs

On this page you can find out about efforts to make hotels more pet-friendly through special amenities designed just for pets! 

Dog-Friendly Hotels: A Guide
From American Kennel Club - features information about which hotel chains are the most pet-friendly.

Dog Travel: A Guide to Finding and Staying at Pet-Friendly Hotels
From DogTime.com - Here’s what you should know about pet-friendly hotels when you want to travel with your dog.

Hard Rock Hotel Unleashed Program
Hard Rock Hotel Launches its "Unleashed" program for four-legged guests.

Pet-Friendly Hotels We Love
A list of favorite pet-friendly hotels across the U.S. that have gone the extra mile to make sure guests’ pets are just as pleased as their owners by providing extra services, space to play (and lounge!) and of course, treats.

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