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Moxy Denver Cherry Creek

Address: 240 Josephine St, Denver, CO 80206
Website: Official Marriott Website

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Your Pet Friendly Concierge

Hi, there. It's me, Dugger!  Did you know that you're visiting one of the most pet friendly cities in the US - the City of Denver! And I love the Cherry Creek area with such great restaurants, bars - and great trees to visit. OH MY DOG! 

To ensure you have the best time of your pet friendly life, I have compiled a list of great places to visit with your pet parents. They are all super close and super pet friendly!
Nearby dog parks? 
  • Carla Madison Dog Park (yelp) at 2405 E Colfax Ave is a small but cute city park that is the closest to the hotel.
  • Lowry Dog Park (yelp) at Yosemite Way & E 4th Pl  has a private parking lot and 3 separate dog areas: high energy, low energy ... and one for Dugger's VIP guests (just dogging ya!)  
  • Railyard Dog Park (yelp) at 19th and Bassett (how great is that!) and it also has a separate area for large and small dogs. 
Nearby pet friendly places to eat or drink?
  • Culinary Dropout (yelp) at 4141 E 9th Ave has great food and is always listed on best pet friendly places in Denver lists
  • Reverence Brewing Company (yelp) at 1604 E 17th Ave features a dog in its Yelp photo - so get your bones over there and check it out 
  • Alpine Dog Brewing Company (yelp) at 1308 E 17th Ave is a few doors down to Reverence and also has a pet friendly patio 
Any highly-rated pet services?
  • Chuck & Don's Pet Food & Supplies (website) at 201 University Blvd is right by the Moxy and has all kinds of dog food, cool amenities and dog sushi (live fish!)  
  • Dog Savvy (website) at1402 Larimer St is a full service doggie boutique and spa in downtown Denver 
Help us improve our pet friendly services

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