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Moxy Denver Cherry Creek

Address: 240 Josephine Street, Denver, Colorado 80206, USA

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Hi, there. It's me, Dugger! I hope you like my teal green tie that I am wearing in honor of the AC Hotel Cincinnati at The Banks - I just love this location right along the Cincinnati riverfront! The Banks slogan is Live. Play. Love Cincy. I think it really should be called "The Barks" because of all of the other great dogs that are hanging out down here.

Just south of the hotel, there's a great little Pet Walk called Schmidlapp Lawn that was built just for us dogs (well, I think that's the reason - it has grass and poo pickup stations!). Get your humans outside and check that out first.

I hope that you have a great stay in the pet friendly community of Cincinnati, Ohio! Here are some links to some other great places to visit nearby.

Nearby attractions
  • Item #1 at ---
Recommended dog parks? 
  • Dog Park at 123 Street in town (website) is a 12,000 sq foot fenced dog park - a great escape!
  • Dog Park 2 at 123 Street in town (website) is a 12,000 sq foot fenced dog park - a great escape!
Nearby pet friendly places to eat or drink?
  • Restaurant at 101 Main in Town (yelp)
  • Restaurant at 101 Main in Town (yelp)
  • Restaurant at 101 Main in Town (yelp)
Any highly-rated pet services?
  • PetSmart is nearby at 123 in Town (yelp)
  • Doggie Adventure at 10248 Street in Town is the first indoor dog swimming pool and is open year round (yelp) 
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