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L7 Chicago by Lotte

Address: 225 N. Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL 60601
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Your Pet Friendly Concierge

Hi, there. It's me, Dugger!  I am the PET FRIENDLY CONCIERGE for the awesome L7 Chicago by Lotte

Our hotel is conveniently located downtown Chicago -  On this page, we will feature some of the nearby pet friendly destinations and services that make our hotel such a great location for us dogs. 

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the pet friendly city of Chicago! If you have any questions, just tell your humans to drop down to the front desk and ask.

Nearby attractions? 
  • Millennium Park - a great destination with many attractions and it's the nearest pet friendly park - just a few minutes walk from the hotel (yelp) 
    Nearby pet friendly places to eat or drink? 
    • Duneyrr Fermenta Brewery at 2337 S Michigan Ave (yelp) is described as "pet friendly inside and out" 
    • Goose Island at 1800 W Fulton St (yelp) has a number of locations in Chicago - most of which are dog friendly 
    Nearby dog parks? 
    Any highly-rated pet services?
    • Petco at 440 N Orleans St (yelp) is just over a 1/2 mile from the hotel and gets great reviews for having a friendly staff
    • Tails in the City at 1 E Delaware Pl (yelp) is a luxury pet boutique store for dogs and cats - just over a mile north from the hotel
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