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Canopy by Hilton Memphis Downtown

Address: 164 Union Ave, Memphis TN 38103
Find us on Facebook: @canopydowntownmemphis
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Hi, there. It's me, Dugger!  I am the Pet Friendly Concierge for the awesome Canopy by Hilton Memphis Downtown! 

Our hotel is conveniently located downtown - right next to a AAA baseball stadium (if you walk all the way around it, it's almost a mile). We are also about half a mile north of the world famous Beale Street! Read on and you will learn more about other pet friendly destinations and services in the area that that make the Canopy Memphis Downtown such a great location for us dogs. 

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the pet friendly city of Memphis! If you have any questions, just tell your humans to drop down to the front desk and ask.

Hang out in our Lobby.
  • If you are bored, bring the humans down to the hotel lobby where you can warm up by the fire and they can enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks. You can't poo here, so keep on reading for that. 
Any nearby parks or public greenspaces? 
  • Court Square Center Park at 45 N 2nd St (link) is just a couple of blocks north of the hotel and is the nearest urban green space. This beautiful park is so popular with our Guests with Pets, we put a map to the park on the back of the Pet Friendly Check-In Guide! 
  • Mud Island Park at 101 Island Dr (yelp) is a large, open air park along the Memphis Riverwalk. It includes some iconic images of the City of Memphis.
Any dog parks in Downtown Memphis?  
  • The City of Memphis Dog Park at 2599 Avery St (yelp) is really the only dog park that features some grassy area. There are some smaller parks that are closer - just for really, doing your business - and they are: 
    • Barking Lot Dog Park at 100 Jefferson Ave (yelp)
    • Central Bark Dog Park at 541 S Front St (yelp)
  • Shelby Park Farms at 6903 Great View Drive North in Memphis (website) is about a half-an-hour trip and it features a first class dog park. The Outback (right next door) is connected to the dog park and consists of more than 100 acres of open fields, ponds and unpaved trails for off-leash fun!
Amy pet friendly breweries or restaurants nearby?
  • Hustle and Dough at 477 S Main St (yelp) is a great little bakery that offers breakfast, brunch, coffees and teas. There are also cute dog biscuits for those of you of the furry persuasion.
  • Wiseacre Brewing at 398 S BB King Blvd (yelp) has several locations for craft beer and great food - and they are all dog friendly. 
  • Loflin Yard at 7 W Carolina Ave (yelp) is a unique bar, restaurant and event space that is very dog friendly. There's plenty of patio seating for you and your best furry friend.  
What about pet services near the hotel?
  • Hollywood Feed at 2015 Union Ave (yelp) is a highly-rated pet supply store and has numerous locations in the Memphis area - and one conveniently located along Union Ave.
  • Petco at 3468 Poplar Ave (yelp) is bit more of a hike but offers your standard big-box retail pet supplies.  
  • The nearest emergency vet is Memphis Veterinary Specialists & Emergency (yelp). They are located about 30 minutes east of the Canopy hotel. You can call them at (901) 624-9002. 
Where can I find other pet friendly Canopy hotels? 
  • Canopy by Hilton hotels (visit our website) are all super pet friendly! In fact, Canopy was voted the #1 most pet friendly hotel by BringFido.com for 2022.  
Who is Dugger?  
  • Visit the Dugger Dinners website at  www.duggerdinners.com to find out about Dugger Dinners. Complete a feedback survey to register for pet friendly rewards from Dugger's team.

    And don't miss the Dugger podcast where Dugger talks with famous dogs - like Lincoln's faithful companion Fido! 
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