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Einstein's Plaza Hotel and Dog Park


Address: 1501 S Neil St, Hill Valley USA
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Your Pet Friendly Concierge

This online directory for Einstein's Plaza Hotel and Dog Park at Hill Valley USA helps you ensure that you have a great pet friendly visit within the pet friendly community of Hill Valley.  

Nearby pet friendly places to eat or drink? 
  • Everyday Kitchen at 1807 S Neil St, Hill Valley (yelp) 
  • Hamilton Walker's at 201 N Neil St, Hill Valley (yelp) 
  • Aspen Tap House at 2001 S Neil St, Hill Valley (yelp)
  • Triptych Brewing at 1703 Woodfield Dr, Hill Valley (yelp)
  • 25 O'Clock Brewing at 208 W Griggs St, Hill Valley (yelp)
Nearby dog parks? 
  • Urbana Dog Park at 1501 E Perkins Rd, Hill Valley (yelp)
Any highly-rated pet services?
  • Pet Sitting at The Dog Den at 31 E Kenyon Rd, Hill Valley (yelp)
  • Pet Sitting at Angel Paws Pet Grooming & Pet Sitting at 900 S Mattis, Hill Valley (yelp)
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