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Pet Friendly Solutions Rollout

So, keep in mind, free breakfast at hotels didn't happen overnight. Similarly, ensuring that every dog visiting a hotel gets a Welcome Kit bundle - that may take time as well as we rollout our Welcoming Services to hotels and AirBNBs nationwide. 

But the Pet Friendly Solutions revolution is certainly taking flight - starting in some major cities in the Midwest. The graphic below shows some of the hotel brands and major cities where we are rolling out Welcome Kits for Dogs!


JUL 01: Dugger is happy with the progress as we have active hotels who are reordering in at least 5 states: Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana in great cities like Nashville, Austin & downtown Chicago. Three hotels have just hit the 10 re-orders milestone!

L7 Chicago took an active role in listing pet friendly restaurants - visit their official website and Pet Friendly Concierge of this partner hotel in downtown Chicago:


SEP 01: August became re-order season as we received re-orders from a bunch of partner cities, including Nashville, Cincinnati and Chicago. Our re-order rate is at least 70% - and climbing.  

AUG 01: June and July became quite busy months as we received re-orders from clients in 6 different regions (about 5 different states if you count Chicago and downstate IL as two different states). Having grown up in Farmer City IL (near Champaign), yes, I believe that.  

MAY 01: We launched our 2nd 5-star hotel in the great city of Nashville this past Friday. The W Nashville is one of the city's top 15 biggest hotels and now more pet friendly than ever!


APRIL 03: A great opening day for AC Hotel, located right next to the Great American Ball Park (GABP) in Cincinnati - as they supercharge their already super pet friendly hotel with Dugger Dinners Welcome Kits. AC Hotel Cincinnati at The Banks (photo of services) is our newest client, right next to the Riverfront and the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds.

MARCH 22: So did you miss National Pet Friendly Day on March 22nd? If so, go ahead and celebrate the last few weeks of March and the first few of April by taking your pet out to a local pet friendly patio at a brewery or restaurant near you. Visit our National Pet Friendly Day event web page for the details about this special day. 

Stay tuned as we announce some new premiere hotels that will be providing our solutions to their pet guests. 

We're not sure if Dugger (pictured below) looks excited - or just so darn DETERMINED to make sure that hotels, breweries, restaurants, AirBNBs, state parks - wow, so many - are not just pet tolerant, but rather, truly PET FRIENDLY.

Dugger Determined.

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