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DUGGER DINNERS - the innovator in providing pet friendly solutions to pet friendly destinations like hotels, breweries and bars - is looking for motivated team members in every major city in the US.

Our summer program is the perfect part-time gig for dog-loving college students or really any pet-passionate person who is looking for a fun and challenging position. As part of this summer project (that generally lasts 4-6 weeks), you will do the following:

  • Get paid to learn more about our pet friendly solutions (orientation)
  • Get started on your sales efforts with our Pet Friendly Playbook
  • Get paid to put together a social media strategy and sales plan
  • Work with the Dugger Team to execute your social media strategy
  • Work with the Dugger Team to execute your sales strategy
  • Have direct access to Dugger executive team for sales support 
  • Earn a commission on all revenue that you bring in
  • Continue to earn commission for the next 3 months
  • Get additional prospects to pursue based on performance

    How the Program Works

    We are looking for innovative and enthusiastic team members that can really provide the in-person attention that we think is necessary to grow this new market for selling pet treats, novelty cookies, chews and bowls within pet friendly patios.   

    First, we want to hear your general ideas on how you would approach reaching out to prospects and introducing them to our solutions. We will get you started with some general information that we have assembled about the most pet friendly destinations in your City. We will then work with you to shape up your formal social media and sales strategies - 2 deliverables that will be great discussion points for your future job interviews.

    Next, we will support you by providing you with Sample Kits and sample dog menus that you can use to promote the product to the targeted breweries, bars and restaurants in your City. You will have access to our leadership team for questions and sales support. All ordering will be done online or coordinated through us - just get them started and you earn the commission. Read more about our solutions for Breweries, Bars & Restaurants (opens in new tab).

    Finally, you will want to follow-up with the clients, double-check that they received what they ordered, and make sure that the wait staff understands this new program (e.g. is handing out dog menus to guests with pets). You will then want to do some return visits to the brewery or restaurant to make sure that they are taking advantage of the new products, because this will help drive re-orders and will directly tie to more revenue for you.  

    Sound good?

    To join up, review the information below and submit an online application. A Dugger Team Member will be in touch to schedule a discussion with you. Just keep in mind - we are trying to keep markets exclusive so that it can maximize profit for a Team Dugger participant - so apply early!


    Step 1: Choose your City

    We are open to other markets - simply provide your suggested region in the appropriate space within the online application. 

    Albany NY
    Albuquerque NM
    Atlanta GA
    Austin TX
    Baltimore MD
    Birmingham AL
    Boca Raton FL
    Boise ID
    Boston MA
    Buffalo NY
    Charlotte NC
    Chicago IL
    Cincinnati OH
    Cleveland OH
    Columbus OH
    Dallas TX
    Davenport IA
    Dayton OH
    Denver CO
    Detroit MI
    El Paso TX
    Fort Lauderdale FL
    Fort Wayne IN
    Fort Worth TX
    Fresno CA
    Greensboro NC
    Huntsville AL
    Houston TX
    Indianapolis IN
    Jacksonville FL
    Jersey City NJ
    Los Angeles CA
    Louisville KY
    Memphis TN
    Mesa AZ
    Miami FL
    Milwaukee WI
    Minneapolis MN
    Myrtle Beach SC
    Nashville TN
    New York NY
    New Orleans LA
    Oklahoma City OK
    Omaha NE
    Orlando FL
    Philadelphia PA
    Phoenix AZ
    Pittsburgh PA
    Portland OR
    Providence RI
    Raleigh NC
    Sacramento CA
    Salt Lake City UT
    San Antonio TX
    San Diego CA
    San Francisco CA
    Seattle WA
    San Jose CA
    St Louis MO
    Tampa/St Pete FL
    Tucscon AZ
    Tulsa OK
    Virginia Beach VA
    Washington DC
    Wichita KS

    Step 2: Create your Plan 

    In a couple of paragraphs, outline how you will approach developing a social media strategy and a sales plan for your region. You should not develop the plan, but you will want to think about things such as: 1) how will you research pet friendly locations; 2) what will your social media strategy look like; 3) what's your plan of attack in connecting with potential pet friendly destinations.

    Step 3: Submit your Application

    Complete the application - provide contact information - and we will screen candidates and start assigning Team Dugger City Reps as we find the right fit. Our goal is to begin placing City Reps immediately (early June 2023).  


    Frequently-Asked Questions

    What kind of compensation can I expect?
    • TASK-BASED: You will be earning a one-time payment for completion of your orientation and planning tasks - the equivalent of a few days work. For the planning work, we will provide some guidelines and have a follow-up meeting to review your input. This should be a great learning experience for both of us. The better the plan - the more latitude we will give you in your territory.

    • COMMISSION: You will get a commission on the sale of all pet friendly solutions that you make to a brewery, bar or restaurant. So while landing the sale is key, following up with your clients to ensure that they are handing out dog menus and incorporating the product into their day-to-day processes - will be just as important. 
    What kind of materials will I have to sell with?  
    • We will provide 10 Sample Kits and 10 sample Dog Menus that you can use with your clients. You can feel free to create your own marketing information to go within the Sample Kit so that the breweries know who they should follow up with.

    What am I selling? What's in a typical offering?  
    • Dugger Dinners prioritizes breweries, restaurants and bars that can integrate our pet chews, pet treats and other amenities (like travel bowls and novelty cookies) into their table service. Thus, we provide a separate dog menu that is customized to the destination (see dog menu example to the right). 

      The destination will then generally start out with a Starter Kit (minimally $90) that includes some dog chews, 2 types of treats and some travel bowls.  The initial sale for a larger venue could be $180 or more.

    Who is Dugger Dinners? 
    • Dugger Dinners is the first company in the US created to provide pet friendly solutions to the hospitality industry. We provide dog bakery-quality dog treats, dog chews and other pet accessories to hotels, breweries, bars, restaurants, travel stops and more. 

      Some of our clients include hotels in Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago and Denver - and a growing number of breweries and restaurants including Indiana's own Upland Brewing Co.

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