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Why Dugger Dinners


In our minds, Dugger Dinners is led by the passion of our Chief Dog Officer, Dugger, who has set out to ensure pet friendly destinations truly fit the bill.

We feature Dugger in our Welcome Kit messages and as our Pet Friendly Concierge on the pet friendly websites that we build for our clients. 


We are the first company in the hospitality industry space to offer a comprehensive solution to streamline the Pet Friendly Check-In process. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between patrons with pets who may be faced with paying an additional pet fee - and your hotel staff who need to get the waiver signature and reinforce your destination's pet friendly rules and policies.  


We provide a wide range of solutions that enable you to continue to provide value-added pet friendly services to your guests. From dog chews to bags of all natural Dugger Chips - to Dugger Dinner Meal Kits that can ordered like room service - we provide a full range of solutions after a great Welcome experience.


And all along the way, Dugger Dinners is your marketing partner to help you promote the fact that you are not just pet tolerant, but rather, truly pet friendly! From in-person policy summaries to online resources like our Pet Friendly Concierge site that tells pet owners where they can find the nearest dog park, Dugger Dinners is there for you, because Dugger says - "hey, let's not forget about the dogs"!

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